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Course Information

Course Title: Job Analysis Workshop

Course Description: A critical training for all HR professionals, this workshop provides participants with an understanding of what job analysis is, when to conduct a job analysis, why a job analysis is conducted, and how a job analysis can be used. Next, the trainers, two Federal Industrial/Organizational Psychologists, discuss each of the steps taken to perform a job analysis including: gathering information, writing task statements, writing competency definitions, using rating scales and cut-off criteria to identify critical tasks and competencies, completing task-competency linkages, and documenting the process. At each step, participants have the opportunity to apply best practices and sharpen their skills with hands-on exercises. Instructors also share personal experiences and best practices with participants and encourage participants to discuss their own experiences. Job analysis is the foundation for all HR activities. This workshop will offer a job analysis model that participants can tailor to meet their agency’s HR needs.

Location: The workshop is delivered to a group of employees at an agency, per agency request.

Schedule: The workshop is delivered to a group of employees (up to 20 participants) at an agency, per agency request.

Estimated Time to Complete Course: 1 day

Registration: For registration information, contact HR Training on Demand,, 855-281-6895; Rebecca Fraser,, 202-606-2305

Agency/Vendor Sponsor: US Office of Personnel Management

Course Content Contact: HR Training on Demand,, 855-281-6895; Rebecca Fraser,, 202-606-2305

Cost: For pricing, please contact Rebecca Fraser, (202) 606-2305,

Method: Classroom

HR Technical Competency: Classification; Staffing

General Competency: Customer Service; Planning and Evaluating; Writing

Leadership Competency: Human Capital Management

Roles:  Technical Specialist Technical Specialist

Proficiency Level: Basic

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