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Course Information

Course Title: Foster a Results-Oriented Culture: How to Write Plans and Standards

Course Description: This course provides hands-on training for writing measurable, results-oriented performance appraisal standards. The course material includes best practices in writing results-oriented standards and provides information on OPM policies and regulations. Course material also includes how to create a performance appraisal standard and a performance plan that meets OPM's Performance Appraisal Assessment Tool (PAAT) requirements.

Location: The workshop is delivered to a group of employees at an agency, per agency request.

Schedule: The workshop is delivered to a group of employees (up to 25 participants) at an agency, per agency request.

Estimated Time to Complete Course: 1 day

Registration: For registration information, contact HR Training on Demand,

Agency/Vendor Sponsor: US Office of Personnel Management

Course Content Contact: HR Training on Demand,

Cost: The cost to purchase one session of this workshop for a group at your agency (up to 25 participants) is $7,000.

Method: Classroom

HR Technical Competency: Performance Management

General Competency: Writing

Leadership Competency: Strategic Thinking; Human Capital Management

Roles:  Technical Specialist Technical Specialist

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

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